Doing Math With JavaScript

This section of the website contains
• JavaScript calculators for prime factorization, arithmetic functions, etc.
• Short math essays (here JavaScript & the browser may be used as computation tools)
• A list of my more formal publications | my Erdös number
• See also JavaScript Numbers FAQ for more information on JavaScript math.

Number theory and arithmetic functions:
divisors d(n), sum of divisors σ(n), totient φ(n), prime factorization

Prime factors calculator (up to 20 digits)
Euler's totient function φ(n) (up to 20 digits)
Divisors calculator: σ(n) and d(n) (up to 20 digits)
Highly composite numbers (up to 20 digits)
Big integer calculator: arbitrary precision arithmetic (10000+ digits)
Binomial coefficients calculator (0 ≤ kn ≤ 50000)
Fibonacci numbers calculator (0 ≤ n ≤ 50000)
Catalan numbers calculator (0 ≤ n ≤ 25000)

Trial division primality tests (in JavaScript FAQ section)
The Miller-Rabin primality test
Firoozbakht conjecture:  (pk)k+1 > (pk+1)k
Generalized Legendre conjecture:  Is there a prime between ns and (n+1)s for s < 2?
Primes between squares:  How many primes are there between n2 and (n+1)2?
Primes between cubes:  How many primes are there between n3 and (n+1)3?
Stronger-than-Goldbach conjecture:  Large even numbers are sums of prime twins!?

Prime constellations or k-tuples
Maximal gaps between prime k-tuples: gk(p) < Mk logk+1p.
Prime Twins | Prime Quadruplets | Prime Sextuplets

Probability and statistics
Maximal intervals between rare random events
Maximal gaps between Cramer's random primes

Miscellaneous topics
Solving the Dirichlet problem for Burgers equation
City Distance Calculator
A bug report on the Miller-Rabin test in BigInt.js

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